August Update

It has been a long while since I have posted anything. Well, I’ve been busy. I started new jobs. I moved my day job to Black & Veatch, and I adding motorcycle safety instructor. I am currently an apprentice with Team Oregon. So, very busy.

I haven’t posted video in a while. I got frustrated with the limitations of my free video editing software. I did some research and found there are a lot of good editors all for about the same price, and I chose Corel VideoStudio. Below is my first video with that software.

Healthwise, my cancer has been stable for over 10 months now. Good news, but not great. I need those tumors to shrink. I have added ketogenic diet to my life. I know it can be done as a vegan, but it is really hard. I have enough hard things in my life so I am sad to say I am currently not on a vegan diet. I have always been vegan because I feel so much better, but drastic times call for drastic measures.

For those of you who aren’t familiar with a ketogenic diet, it is high fat low carbs. To start carbs should be kept around 20 grams. The goal is 75% fat 25% protein. After achieving ketosis, measured using urine strips, most people can move up to 60-100 grams of carbs a day. It is important to keep the protein low or you will enter neoglucogenesis. This is frustrating because your body can take protein and create glucose. I would prefer to eat fruit for glucose rather than have my body created from protein.

If you want me to talk more about ketogenic diet and/or how much I dislike it, comment below.

Hope you enjoy this video, I’m still learning the software. Comment if you have any VideoStudio advice.


Wow, a lot of time passes quickly. My daily routines consume a lot of time, and some days it is all I can do to just get by.

My last post was about upcoming decisions. I met with a cancer surgeon and in that meeting I asked how long until it was inoperable, he gave it 2-3 months. He also wanted to see another ultrasound in a month. It is scheduled for August 22nd. This put me in a tailspin. What should I do, how many new things should I introduce to my body. I was ready to add everything.

I decided to wait a little bit and at least go to work. Upon arriving at work and checking my email there was on entitled Discernment. The email was a devotional discussing how to discern God’s will in situations. Asking a question and looking for God’s peace within. I realized this is what I needed to do, but I was a long way from being able to hear His still small voice. I gave it the weekend and took time to calm down so that I could listen. The answer was to stay the course, not to add anything. I did eventually add niacin and frankincense oil. Nothing big.

What am I doing? Hoxsey Formula, apricot seeds, carrot/beet juice, CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin B12, niacin, frankincense oil, sauna and one or two other things.

Along the way I started talking to a psychologist/pastor I have known for about 8 years. He is helping me attack cancer from the spiritual side. Many health issues have a spiritual root.

Currently I have about 1 bad day a week. I think it is due to me using energy to go to work to pay the bills. After 4-5 days of work, I am out of energy. This week I made it to Saturday before the bad day. I was able to recover by late afternoon. Everything seems to be getting better. The bad day could have been the stress of finding yet another issue with my health.

On top of hyperthyroidism, hypercalcemia, thyroid papillary carcinoma, I have high iron as well. Maybe this is the reason for being tired even though my thyroid is high. With my education I’m looking for a common cause or a link among them. The first three I can see how they relate, but not the iron. I just don’t see an answer yet.

It appears I am making progress, my throat hurts less that it did. I continue to study alternative methods and will work with my health team to make good decisions to be made well. I believe God has placed these people in my life and He will use whatever method He chooses to bring me healing. May Jehovah be praised.

Thyroid Malfunction

What happened? I’ve not exercised in a while. When I went to the doctor on 4/8 for the medical exam required for our adoption the Dr. noticed my thyroid was enlarged. He said it was probably nothing but wanted a blood test and a ultrasound just in case. I did the blood work, and went about my life.
When I returned from the trade show in Spokane I began to feel very tired and then my throat started hurting. I spent most of the weekend napping but not sleeping very long at night. Energy and strength was almost zero. I had ordered Dr. Christopher’s Thyroid herbal formula prior to leaving so I was taking that as soon as I returned. I began taking more than double the tonic dose. Monday came around and I was feeling better so off to work I went. But around 2 I was ready for a nap. A quick search of herballegacy and I decided to purchase some Lemon Balm extract and some Myrrh essential oils. Sorry I don’t know any Doterra or Young Living people around my place of employment. After taking the lemon balm and placing the myrrh on my thyroid I began to feel better than I had in days.
This week is parent watch week at my girl’s dance studio. I was there from 6:30 to 9pm. Not exactly what a tired person wants to do, but this dad wants to, so I took some more lemon balm and placed more myrrh on my throat and off I went. At the end of the 2.5 hrs, I was extremely tired and my voice was failing again. When I returned to my truck I placed more myrrh on my throat. When I made it home I grabed 3 or 4 leaves of my lemon balm plant, I have lots of lemon balm growing on my property, and made some tea. I ate a banana and some peanut butter, advice from another website said something like this would help with sleep. My alarm woke me up at 4. First time in a while that I did not wake up an hour or so prior to the alarm. I evidently turned the alarm off and slept for another 1.5 hours. I am late for work, but so excited to be getting better I had to share. I am putting more myrrh on my throat drinking more fresh lemon balm tea, grabbing enough leaves for a few more cups today and heading out the door. Praise God for His medicinal plants! You cause the grass to grow for the cattle and herb for the service of man…Ps 104:14.
I learned the most about herbs from the School of Natural Healing see my too brief write up here.

You Can Help

My family has made a decision to adopt a child through a private independent adoption in the US. Adoption is expensive. We know many people who have had some great fundraisers for their adoptions. I want to do this differently. We believe children are a blessing and would like to extend that blessing by encouraging anyone who wants to support us to help themselves too! What do I mean? I am a Beachbody Coach. I earn money by helping people get in the best shape of their life. You can help when you buy a challenge pack and join a challenge group. This will provide you with the program, support and nutrition needed to reach your health and wellness goal, and will help my family reach the financial goal needed to adopt this baby. She is due in May, and we have many expenses, including an out-of-state trip to bring her to our home. If enough money is raised we can fly the entire family to meet her and bring her home.

Start by signing up for your free Beachbody account. Then contact me and we can determine the best at home exercise program for you.

Thank you!


When I was in college I was introduced to Ultimate. Ultimate or Ultimate Frisbee is an amazing game. Being introduced to Ultimate was like meeting a best friend for the first time. I knew this was for me.

When I was but a wee lad I played Frisbee, or should I say flying disc, any time I could. One summer at camp, you could find me on the parade field throwing that disc any chance I got. I also remember spending a week with my cousin playing Frisbee and fishing. It was all I wanted to do. So when Ultimate and I were introduced, I was hooked.

I started playing with classmates in College (Mercer University). It was such a great time. One day a classmate came to me and explained that he had discussed Ultimate with the school and had secured funding so that he could get a team together and they would provide uniforms and entry to compete at the collegiate level. I had played some intramural football, the thought of playing ultimate against other schools was very exciting. So we started having regular practices.

Not long before the first tournament, funding was pulled. Thus ending my inter-collegiate athletic career. I was sad, but could use the extra time for studies. We still played and practiced, but soon studies took me away.

I was a co-op student. This meant that every other quarter I would work instead of study. It was great, but I co-oped in Columbus, GA, and so I moved every quarter. While there one summer I was told about a group that met to play Ultimate. I was there and had a great time.

Fast forward to now, more years than I care to think about. I haven’t played Ultimate since college. As I’m using Shakeology and doing P90X3, I’m feeling energetic enough to consider playing again. Could it be I’m feeling like I felt in college? Exercise does make you younger.

As I look into it there are hundreds of Ultimate players in the Portland area. This should not surprise me. The great thing is that there is a group that meets once or twice a week at lunchtime near my office. Something to consider…