A Little History and a Storm

Not long ago, I was a runner. I have two marathons, two Hood-to-Coasts, one Klondike Road Relay, some half-marathons, and a quite a few other races under my belt. That, however, was another life. Currently I have no idea if I will ever be able to return to running. Last weekend I spent a little time working in the yard and it took a few hours before I could get my thyroid to settle down. That was not confidence inspiring.

So what is this picture of Tophill? Tophill is a trailhead on the Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail. It is a 21 mile trail that, who would have guessed, goes from Banks to Vernonia. It is a rails to trails park. I have spent many hours running this trail, but it was many years ago. My favorite long distance, think 10 or 20 miles, runs were on this trail. Over the years they have paved it. I have also spent a little time riding a bicycle on this trail and I have dodged horse manure too. Let’s just say I have fond memories.

I have gone for a couple of different rides where I end up on Highway 47 south of Vernonia at this trailhead, it has a pit toilet which can be helpful at times. I take a break here and remember a previous life. Here is a video, a snapshot of that area.

Summertime Footwear

So I recently went camping. Prior to camping, I realized my former summer footwear had all worn out. But I was going camping for a week and needed something. I remembered Pie Footwear on Alberta in Portland, Oregon had some nice looking sandals when I was in there buying minimalist professional shoes. I hopped on my bike, first time in months, and road the almost 6 miles from my office downtown to the shoe store. They had this pair of Luna running sandals. I’ve had Invisible shoes, Merrell barefoot, I still wear Fivefingers, and I wear Vivobarefoot for work. I know a little about minimalist shoes. Oh, I also trained for a half-marathon and ran a relay race in the Yukon all wearing my Vibram Fivefingers. So for sandals, why would I want anything other than minimal? Flip-flops are fun, but I like quiet walks. A running sandal allows me to keep my feet cool look comfortable, and run after my children if the need arises, which could happen.

So I tried on a pair and liked what they made. I took them home and quickly had an opportunity to wear them. But I could not keep the left sandal in place. It took me a while but I finally saw that the straps were not quite right. After fixing that the sandal was perfect. It was very frustrating until that point. I almost wanted to return these little gems.

I’m glad I kept them because they were perfect for the camping we did. I’ll write another post on the camping, but these shoes did it all, beach, around camp, in the camp shower, on my bicycle, and even chasing after kids.

Here is a picture of my foot in this sandal. I like them and plan to use them for a long time to come.

Luna on feet