Laughter Added to Motorcycle Therapy

Friday, 2/10/17, I went for a ride. We have had a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest. One road I enjoy takes me by Fernhill Wetlands. The picture above shows what I encountered. My road was closed. I had to go around.

One show I have recently enjoyed watching is Long Way Round. It is about two guy riding around the world. They encounter some extremely bad roads and have some river forging to do. Well, this may be as close as I ever come to doing something like the Road of Bones.

I did not realize the mic in my camera could pick up anything I said. Come to find out, if I’m loud enough, it can. I start laughing just watching the below video.

Fighting cancer can be tough, and I take every opportunity to do something for the pure enjoyment of it. This is why I enjoy riding my motorcycle so much. I have no requirement to ride, not like the pills and other therapies I’m doing, I do it because I want to. I ride because it causes smiles and helps me deal with all the other stuff I do in order to live. So to paraphrase a famous quote, I fight cancer to add years to my life and ride to add life to my years.

Be safe out there, this life is a dangerous ride.

Motorcycle Heated Jacket

In the Pacific Northwest we have some great roads for motorcycling. We have stunning views with lots of twisties. We also have cool temperatures and rain. The rain is easy to handle, I’ve lived here for about 18 years and purchased rain resistant protective gear. To combat the cold I recently picked up a heated jacket. Below is a video where I talk a little about the jacket and I preview a ride on Wynoochee Valley Road which connects Montesano, WA with Wynoochee lake in the Olympic National Forest. I’ll have another post and video to discuss this road further.

Sonus Introduction

I’m doing motorcycle therapy, but what which motorcycle am I riding?

On October 22, 2016, I purchased a new 2015 Honda CBR300R. Her name is Sonus, Celtic for happiness, and she is a beauty. Not an excess of power, but she does the speed limit real well. I have been as far north as Wynoochee Lake in the Olympic National Forest, and as far south as Bridge, Oregon. There is a video on my YouTube channel, Adventures with Red Beard, which shows me riding from North Bend to Bridge, Oregon.

When I was fueling Sonus one day, the attendant saw my keychain and asked if my motorcycle was the key to happiness. I looked and him and aswered, “No, that is the key to happiness, my motorcycle is happiness.”

Sonus has brought me many hours of joy. On February 3rd she went in for her 4,000 mile maintenance.

I have plans to complete a 1,000 mile loop and join the Iron Butt Association. The 1,000 mile loop is called a SS1000 or Saddle Sore 1000. My longest day so far was 550 miles.

Here is a walk around. Sorry, the date and time in the video are wrong.

Motorcycle Therapy – Why I Need It

With all the health issues I have, depression comes easy. I have always been active. I have ran the Hood to Coast Relay race twice, the Klondike Road Race, two marathons and work on my 5 acres. I work on cars and have a bus we want to convert to a motor home.

But something has happened. I got to feeling better, and sometimes energetic, but no stamina. Was it me being out of shape?

I ran across the Spoon Theory and cried a bit. It was at this point I understood why I can’t do what I once did. My chronic illnesses, cancer and hyperthyroidism, takes too much away from living life. I wake up with less spoons than I once did. Sometime I wake up and am already out of spoons.

This is where my motorcycle comes in. Riding on the worst day doesn’t take any spoons away and on a good day adds some. Riding my motorcycle makes me feel alive. Riding gives me time to clear my head and focus on the now.

A really interesting fact is I am not the only one who feels this way. There was an interview with Long Haul Paul, aka Paul Pelland, who discussed some extreme long distance riding and dealing with MS. Here is a link: Long Riders Radio to the podcast. The whole podcast is great, but starting at 23:00 is where he discusses how his health has improved due to riding. Paul rides to raise awareness and funds for MS. See his website here: Long Haul Paul.

Cancer Update

It has been some time since my cancer last update. It is often hard to place myself out there. Battling cancer is hard enough.

For the last five months my cancer has been stable!

How did this happen? Was it the Hoxsey formula? Was it the carrot juice? No. I it was a combination of therapies pivoting around enzymes.

There is lots of conflicting information on the web. But after reading Suzanne Somers’s book Knockout, the Kelley Enzyme Protocol made the most sense to me. I did some searching and found a local naturopathic doctor who learned from Dr. Kelley’s only pupil.

I am on a rather large dose of enzymes. I am slowly increasing to the maximum dose because a high dose only stopped growth, I need to reverse it.

There are a few other things that I am still doing, like eating organic, drinking carrot juice and sauna therapy, but the enzymes are central to my healing.

Another therapy which helps me feel alive and beat depression is motorcycle therapy. There will be more on this later.


I am dealing with hyperthyroidism. At first glance this seems like a nice thing to have. I mean more energy, the ability to lose weight without hardly trying. But with this comes other things like irritability and fatigue. Sometimes people are given a diagnosis of bipolar when they actually have hyperthyroidism. Being a male with thyroid issues is a rare thing and hyperthyroid is not very common either.

I believe this condition can be managed with diet. The problem I’m having is that there is some mixed information about what to eat. Some of the things I have found so far is that peanuts and almonds are helpful. I’ve read that these have iodine uptake inhibitors. I didn’t realize how important it was to stay away from iodine until one day I took an herbal formula specifically designed to help the thyroid which contained kelp. Wow, that morning I was buzzing. The tremors I had that morning were substantial.

I have heard that I am to stay away from cereal. I don’t know what that really means. My working definition of cereal includes oats. The picture below shows what I refer to as designer oats. I seem to do well with this, but I’ll still keep an eye on it.

Breakfast is an interesting meal. I have read the best thing for me to eat is savory foods. I have always been someone to eat sweet breakfasts. I am beginning to experiment.

If you suffer from a thyroid condition, especially hyperthyroidism, please comment and let me know some of the things you have for breakfast.



Wow, a lot of time passes quickly. My daily routines consume a lot of time, and some days it is all I can do to just get by.

My last post was about upcoming decisions. I met with a cancer surgeon and in that meeting I asked how long until it was inoperable, he gave it 2-3 months. He also wanted to see another ultrasound in a month. It is scheduled for August 22nd. This put me in a tailspin. What should I do, how many new things should I introduce to my body. I was ready to add everything.

I decided to wait a little bit and at least go to work. Upon arriving at work and checking my email there was on entitled Discernment. The email was a devotional discussing how to discern God’s will in situations. Asking a question and looking for God’s peace within. I realized this is what I needed to do, but I was a long way from being able to hear His still small voice. I gave it the weekend and took time to calm down so that I could listen. The answer was to stay the course, not to add anything. I did eventually add niacin and frankincense oil. Nothing big.

What am I doing? Hoxsey Formula, apricot seeds, carrot/beet juice, CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin B12, niacin, frankincense oil, sauna and one or two other things.

Along the way I started talking to a psychologist/pastor I have known for about 8 years. He is helping me attack cancer from the spiritual side. Many health issues have a spiritual root.

Currently I have about 1 bad day a week. I think it is due to me using energy to go to work to pay the bills. After 4-5 days of work, I am out of energy. This week I made it to Saturday before the bad day. I was able to recover by late afternoon. Everything seems to be getting better. The bad day could have been the stress of finding yet another issue with my health.

On top of hyperthyroidism, hypercalcemia, thyroid papillary carcinoma, I have high iron as well. Maybe this is the reason for being tired even though my thyroid is high. With my education I’m looking for a common cause or a link among them. The first three I can see how they relate, but not the iron. I just don’t see an answer yet.

It appears I am making progress, my throat hurts less that it did. I continue to study alternative methods and will work with my health team to make good decisions to be made well. I believe God has placed these people in my life and He will use whatever method He chooses to bring me healing. May Jehovah be praised.