Some Changes Here

I am making changes. Joshua Smith Fitness does not fit what I am doing now.

I started Joshua Smith Fitness when I was a Beachbody Coach. I liked the company and what they were trying to do, but the product, Shakeology, does not treat my body well. I have hyperthyroidism and the super herbs in Shakeology is bad for me.

I am treating my conditions not with lots of exercise and one-size-fits-all nutritional supplements, but with two wheels and doctor regulated supplements. I’m still exercising, but its not the same and for another post.

So, Joshua Smith Fitness is fading and Adventures With Redbeard is here. This is also the name of my YouTube channel and Facebook page. YouTube has some traction, but the Facebook page is brand new.

There may be more changes, but this is the start.

A Little Happy a Little Sad

Today I sold my truck. Now you should really understand something about me before I go on. Vehicles to me are more than something to get you from one place to another. Vehicles become an extension of myself. I often can better recognize someone by their car than their face. I know, I’m weird. I’ve had this truck for close to 7 years. That’s a long time to be part of the family.

I’ve done a lot with this truck. I camped with my oldest in it.


I purchased this tent off craigslist and used it as many times as the previous owner, twice times. It worked well, but a little tight for two of us.

I’ve done some off-roading with the kids.


Wow, that is an old picture.

PurpleTruck under cedar

She even moved our trailer around a time or two.


Don’t worry, I only moved it around, I never took hauled the trailer on the road.

I’ve driven this truck to Missoula, Montana and Temecula, California. What wonderful times I have had with this truck.

In October, when Sonus entered my life, I stopped driving this truck. There was no need. I don’t need a truck on a daily basis, and 18-20 mpg, although not bad, is a little tough for my 40+ mile commute. Sonus gets around 70 mpg and is…well you can see my videos and other posts for that. This post is about my Purple Truck.

I had dreams of putting a 302 in this truck, but settled for a mild rebuild of the engine. I’ve lifted it, put oversized tires on it, fog lights, LED flashers. I’ve hauled sand, firewood, home repair items, garbage, you name it. This has been a great truck for me.

I have been considering selling this truck, but haven’t had the nerve to place her on the market. A few weeks ago I mentioned I had some vehicles I needed to sell to a coworker and he asked. I have a 1971 AMC Javelin, a 1996 Ford Explorer, and this truck. I’ve had the Javelin longer, but I’ve driven the truck more.

I’ve been needing to get rid of some vehicles and with the addition of my motorcycle, I feel it is time to let go of the four wheeled adventures and embrace the two wheeled ones.

It is a sad parting, but I will see her in my office parking lot from time to time. I trust she will be as good a truck to the new owner as she was to me. Goodbye.








Yeast Overgrowth Cure Day 11

This picture is the vegan kimchi I made. I need to eat more fermented food for my gut health and I have made this recipe once before. Kimchi is tasty and very beneficial. I have almost a gallon fermenting and it will be ready for me to start eating next week. It has to ferment for about 5 days. The guy who gave me the recipe said he thought 14 days was best, but he usually couldn’t wait that long to chow down.

So I have made it to day 11 of almost zero carbs. It took be about 7 days to have energy again. The first day I had energy I worked until my legs were sore. My being lethargic for so long has resulted in me being out of shape.

I learned that there is a 21 Day Fix challenge group starting Monday (11/11). I have to stay on this no carb anti-yeast diet until 1/14. I think I can do some exercising on this no carb thing. I was thinking about ending it a few days early, but I better stay on it, just to make sure. I do have a lunch with some colleagues on Tuesday, so I may not do so well that day.

All in all this hasn’t been too bad of an experience. I’ve eaten lots of veggies, some I haven’t had in a while. I typically have 3 to 4 types of nuts with me at all times. Lunches have gotten simpler. I think the portions part of the 21 Day Fix will be very easy after what I’ve been doing.

Those first few days without energy I would be longing to go to bed around 7pm. Now that energy is back in my life I am able to function later again. I’m going to enjoy this new and improved gut.

Me and My Gut

I’ve been working on this post for a while…I have had intestinal challenges most of my life. About 14 years ago I started having some serious issues. I was always ill and run down and I didn’t know what to do. A naturopath was recommended to me and I figured I had nothing to lose. He diagnosed me with candida and started treatment. After a few treatments, I could eat food again, I wasn’t allergic to everything.

What caused this candida problem? I was in Africa for 6 months taking a malaria prophylactic that was an anti-biotic. I took this mild anti-biotic every day for some time. I did not realize that the human body has something on the order of 10 times more beneficial bacteria than it has human cells. Someone said we are bacteria-sapiens. So I killed off all this good bacteria in my gut and the candida was left unchecked and took over.

My naturopath told me that I may need a “tune up” every once in a while. I when in a couple of times, but when I became a low fat, raw vegan, I found new health. It was an amazingly healthful year. After that year, I was tired of not being able to join others at restaurants, so I just became a vegan. I was still enjoying good health, even if not quite as great.

Fast forward a bit and I find myself at a high-stress job where alcohol often flowed freely. I learned to drink. I went from two or three drinks a year to an average of one a day.  I began thinking that was a bit much and cut back. Did you know that alcohol kills bacteria? So here I am at a not high stress job, where alcohol is not as popular and my energy begins to decline, and I begin to feel depressed. Depressed, I have a great job.

After some thinking and testing, I realize that it is probably candida…again. I took a class from the School of Natural healing, I still want to write more about it here. In that class I was introduced to Dr. Christopher’s Natural Protocol for Systemic Yeast Overgrowth & Leaky Gut Syndrome. You see, candida takes over and destroys the gut. I don’t believe they destroyed part was addressed by my naturopath.

Dr. Christopher’s method is like nuking the candida. It is a 20 day regimen where you only eat vegetables, nuts, seeds and sprouted legumes. First two days is for seriously killing candida using Dr. Christopher’s formula called Intestinal Sweep. The next 14 is for healing the intestinal lining using his Soothing Digestion. Two more days of Intestinal Sweep, then its lots of probiotics and fermented foods. You can read more about it the above link.

I am on day 6 of this. They say the first 5 or so days of ketosis is the worst. I am feeling better today, but it is still early.

So if you wondered why I have not been posting much, it has been my energy level. I’m feeling a little better today. Here’s to a new year!

Remembering a Friend

Last week a friend and colleague passed away. This was a guy who would smile no matter the circumstances. He was a very proud father to twin boys. At times he would work so late that he would sleep in the office and the next day, yup, you guessed it, he would be smiling. “It’s no big deal.” He would say. He was a hard worker and he was a great talker. He did not take the typical nonverbal cues that a conversation needed to end. Many conversations I ended, the only problem is now I want to continue those conversations. So many things left to talk about. We only get to go around the sun so many times. No one knows how many times we get. I have faith in the Creator who knows my span of life, but He will not tell me what that span is. I only know that I am to make the most of the time He has given me.

So my friend and colleague has me examining my life. Do I live out my faith? Do I make the most of each situation and sprinkle everything with love and compassion? Do I consider things, “No big deal”? My faith teaches that the hard times are momentary afflictions. That is how my friend appeared to treat life. I often see things not as momentary afflictions, but as troublesome times that I need to correct.

I believe each life has value. I am uncertain that I live this way. When someone wants to talk, do I give that person my time and attention? I want the answer to be yes, but all I can truly do is to ensure that is what my present self does. I cannot go back and complete those conversations, I cannot go listen to what my kid said yesterday. I must listen now. I only truly have now, and I must make the most of it, by showing love to my fellow humans.

Why Be a Vegan

A little background on me. I was born and reared in the deep South. I ate whatever I could get my hands on. I remember setting and achieving my goal of eating an entire bag of spicy pork rinds in one sitting without any water. As an adult I did little better. In college I once took one of those food challenges at a restaurant. It was three 1/3 pound hamburger patties with bacon and I don’t even remember what else, and a pound of fries. I did it and received the prize. On business trips I would often eat medium rare prime rib, and not a small one mind you.

I want to take some time to encourage you to explore a vegetarian/vegan diet. There are some benefits I have experienced that may interest you.

A few months after I got married I noticed that my pants were quickly not fitting me. My wife and I joined a gym. We lost some weight and I discovered I had a passion for running. I recall a cholesterol screening where they said I needed to exercise more, I think the score was 220. At this point I was running 40 miles per week and when I told the healthcare practitioner this the response was, “Well, just think how bad it would be if you did not exercise.” Not comforting.

This wasn’t comforting, but what was I to do? I put this to the back of my mind, but so was the information of my ancestors’s demise. I saw much cardiovascular disease. Well, all I knew to do was to keep exercising. I even saw where often times cholesterol was hereditary. I pushed all these thought away and just exercised.

About 5 years ago I was researching minimalist footwear. I saw many people with this type of footwear also were vegan or raw vegan. This seemed odd to me. I mean you need to eat meat to get your protein, right? I did some more research and my wife told me about a 7 day green smoothie challenge. Alright, I can do that. I mean the worst that happens is I go back to eating meat and everything else at the end of 7 days, or sooner if the need arises. Well, at the end of the challenge I was sold. I was feeling better than I ever thought I could. I mean, I did not even know I was feeling bad. All that toxic load from years of eating all kinds of things were being corrected. I detoxed and lost a crazy amount of weight. I may post that write-up for a future blog.

I was a low fat raw vegan for about a year. This is the 80/10/10 diet that Dr. Graham wrote about. It did some great things, but the social limitations were tough. So I slowly went to about 40% raw and stayed vegan. Vegan, with some occasional fish and chip just because, is how I have been now for a few years.

My cholesterol was checked a few months ago. It was 162. 162! The studies I read said there is no cases of cardiovascular disease in people with a score of less than 180. I think I achieved a major goal.

So why be a vegetarian or a vegan? Lower cholesterol is one reason. There are others. Meat is calorie dense. Many cultures ate meat primarily in the winter because other foods were not available. Think Eskimos. We have a variety of food and can buy almost anything we want any time of year. This is because most food is industrialized. Most the meat in the industrial food supply is highly toxic. I will be the first to admit that there does exist meat that is good for you. But you would have to find a source like Polyface Farms to achieve that level. It is much easier for most of us to just be a vegetarian or a vegan. I do know people who have family who run a cattle ranch and they realize a high quality of meat. I’ll take this time to plug my other website, Chehalem Permaculture. I’ve met Joel Salatin, see picture on other website, and have some knowledge on how to raise high quality food. Not just animals. When I do get to the point I can create my own food supply I may no longer be a vegan. But until I achieve that utopia, I remain a vegan. Even in that utopia, I would limit my meat to a small amount. That could be another post altogether.

So do some research and strike up a conversation. I truly enjoy discussing diet. If you will bear with me I’ll do one more plug. Nutrition is an important thing to me. This is why I have joined with Beachbody and sing the praises of Shakeology. I’ve studied nutrition for over 10 years. A runner and a vegan need to know a little about food.

If you aren’t satisfied with your wellness, contact me. I know more than Beachbody and would be happy to help you think through options. Let’s get a conversation going so that we can accomplish one of the reason I joined Beachbody, eliminate obesity.

Camping with Kids (Fort Stevens)

So I spent a whole week with my family at Fort Stevens State Park. That is right all 8 of us. What’s more, we slept in a 16ft camper trailer built in 1961. At one point we had two extra kids to make a total of 10 people sleeping in that trailer.

I originally was not going to stay for the whole week. I did not have the required time off. To be honest, I wasn’t so sure I really wanted to spend that kind of time with everyone. I’m an introvert for crying out loud. But I remembered what someone once said, “There is no quality time without quantity time.” This was some serious quantity time so something good would have to come of it.

Fort Stevens has some great multi-use paths. They are paved and you can go for quite some time. There are also many hiking trails. What is even better is that these paths have destinations. The beach complete with a shipwreck from 1906 is only a few minutes biker ride. Not into that much salt? There is a good sized lake even closer than the beach. Wildlife watcher? There are plenty of viewing areas. I did see a Peregrine Falcon just of one of the trails. I only knew what it was because I took my kids to one of the Jr. Ranger programs where they were talking about animals. History buff? Believe it or not, Ft Stevens State Park is named after Ft Stevens the former military base that is contained within the park boundary. Well, most of it anyway. I’m not sure why the guard shack was outside the fence.

This place is loaded with things to do. My calorie count was very high each day. We are talking 4,000 to 5,000 calories burned per day. Seven of these days I did not sit in a vehicle. I did lots of bike riding.

One day I spent about 4 hours riding with my oldest and going where he wanted to. We explored the batteries and took a long shortcut. A good portion of the time was on bikes. We went about the longest way possible to every place there is.

I took all the kids to all the areas. My youngest saw many sites from the bike trailer. He was napping for some of it too. I took him on a 11.5 mile ride.

Some of the time I wore my Luna sandals, other times I wore my Vibram Fivefingers. I was almost barefoot the whole time. But not unlike most days.

The first day we rode bikes and then played Frisbee. We started just throwing it, then it ended up in a game. First it was me my daughter and a young neighbor kid against my teenage son and his teenage friend. Then it was me and the young neighbor kid against the other three. Then my daughter and I against the other three. I was on the winning team each time. I thank my exercise program, P90X3, for being able to do that.c there my middle boy was knocked over by the incoming tide and he split his head open. We stopped the bleeding and loaded him, his youngest brother, and his bicycle onto the bike trailer and I pulled it all back to the campsite. Again, thanks P90X3.


I was low on calories the day we had a large spaghetti dinner. I ate a lot that night, but did not feel bad about it. I really did not feel bad when I got on the scale Monday morning and saw I was down another pound. We had to bring our own sauce because most people evidently put meat in their sauce. I have always liked a good marinara sauce. Just another complication of being vegan. But contributing to the meal was a good thing. Not sure what else we brought I was focused on what I could eat.

If you want to know more about this trip or just about Fort Stevens, comment below.