A Little History and a Storm

Not long ago, I was a runner. I have two marathons, two Hood-to-Coasts, one Klondike Road Relay, some half-marathons, and a quite a few other races under my belt. That, however, was another life. Currently I have no idea if I will ever be able to return to running. Last weekend I spent a little time working in the yard and it took a few hours before I could get my thyroid to settle down. That was not confidence inspiring.

So what is this picture of Tophill? Tophill is a trailhead on the Banks-Vernonia Linear Trail. It is a 21 mile trail that, who would have guessed, goes from Banks to Vernonia. It is a rails to trails park. I have spent many hours running this trail, but it was many years ago. My favorite long distance, think 10 or 20 miles, runs were on this trail. Over the years they have paved it. I have also spent a little time riding a bicycle on this trail and I have dodged horse manure too. Let’s just say I have fond memories.

I have gone for a couple of different rides where I end up on Highway 47 south of Vernonia at this trailhead, it has a pit toilet which can be helpful at times. I take a break here and remember a previous life. Here is a video, a snapshot of that area.

Laughter Added to Motorcycle Therapy

Friday, 2/10/17, I went for a ride. We have had a lot of rain here in the Pacific Northwest. One road I enjoy takes me by Fernhill Wetlands. The picture above shows what I encountered. My road was closed. I had to go around.

One show I have recently enjoyed watching is Long Way Round. It is about two guy riding around the world. They encounter some extremely bad roads and have some river forging to do. Well, this may be as close as I ever come to doing something like the Road of Bones.

I did not realize the mic in my camera could pick up anything I said. Come to find out, if I’m loud enough, it can. I start laughing just watching the below video.

Fighting cancer can be tough, and I take every opportunity to do something for the pure enjoyment of it. This is why I enjoy riding my motorcycle so much. I have no requirement to ride, not like the pills and other therapies I’m doing, I do it because I want to. I ride because it causes smiles and helps me deal with all the other stuff I do in order to live. So to paraphrase a famous quote, I fight cancer to add years to my life and ride to add life to my years.

Be safe out there, this life is a dangerous ride.

Motorcycle Therapy – Why I Need It

With all the health issues I have, depression comes easy. I have always been active. I have ran the Hood to Coast Relay race twice, the Klondike Road Race, two marathons and work on my 5 acres. I work on cars and have a bus we want to convert to a motor home.

But something has happened. I got to feeling better, and sometimes energetic, but no stamina. Was it me being out of shape?

I ran across the Spoon Theory and cried a bit. It was at this point I understood why I can’t do what I once did. My chronic illnesses, cancer and hyperthyroidism, takes too much away from living life. I wake up with less spoons than I once did. Sometime I wake up and am already out of spoons.

This is where my motorcycle comes in. Riding on the worst day doesn’t take any spoons away and on a good day adds some. Riding my motorcycle makes me feel alive. Riding gives me time to clear my head and focus on the now.

A really interesting fact is I am not the only one who feels this way. There was an interview with Long Haul Paul, aka Paul Pelland, who discussed some extreme long distance riding and dealing with MS. Here is a link: Long Riders Radio to the podcast. The whole podcast is great, but starting at 23:00 is where he discusses how his health has improved due to riding. Paul rides to raise awareness and funds for MS. See his website here: Long Haul Paul.

Cancer Update

It has been some time since my cancer last update. It is often hard to place myself out there. Battling cancer is hard enough.

For the last five months my cancer has been stable!

How did this happen? Was it the Hoxsey formula? Was it the carrot juice? No. I it was a combination of therapies pivoting around enzymes.

There is lots of conflicting information on the web. But after reading Suzanne Somers’s book Knockout, the Kelley Enzyme Protocol made the most sense to me. I did some searching and found a local naturopathic doctor who learned from Dr. Kelley’s only pupil.

I am on a rather large dose of enzymes. I am slowly increasing to the maximum dose because a high dose only stopped growth, I need to reverse it.

There are a few other things that I am still doing, like eating organic, drinking carrot juice and sauna therapy, but the enzymes are central to my healing.

Another therapy which helps me feel alive and beat depression is motorcycle therapy. There will be more on this later.

Upcoming Decisions

My doctor visit yesterday had a big impact on me. I have attempted to analyze myself to determine if I was in denial. I did not think I was. I know what I have to fight and have been taking steps to do just that. But yesterday talking with the doctor and his very aggressive suggestions made me realize I have been in denial in regards to the seriousness of what I am facing.

Tomorrow I meet with a cancer surgeon. After I get information from him, I then have a choice to make. Which route do I go? Do I continue with what I have been doing, a modified Gerson? Do I do what the surgeon says, which will either be complete removal and/or radiation or chemo? Or what the Naturopathic Cancer doctor says, a metabolic approach involving enzymes? The choice is mine. If I go an alternate route, I will need to keep the conventional route open. I want to keep my thyroid, but not at the expense of my life. If I go conventional, the alternative world would support me and assist in making it easier for me. They have no hard feelings, they just want to help.

If you look up Gerson or Kelley, you will find lots of warnings against them. This is no longer an academic exercise, this is my life, my decision, and cancer kills.

7/5/16 Update

For my last update I noticed a trend that wasn’t very big, but it was exciting. Now I look at my resting heart rate and I see what I would consider a normal resting heart rate for me. This tells me that I am on the right path.

I have been eating a Gerson related diet. Lots of juiced veggies and a little fruit. I have modified it with a bit higher fat than he calls for. Today I will have more blood tests and meet with a nutritionist. I have recorded my last three days of eating and have been fasting for the new blood work. I am excited to learn more information.

Another bit of information I have encountered along this journey is body temperature. There are those out there who use hyperthermia therapy to treat cancer. It is said that cancer has a low metabolic temperature and brings down the body temperature. My body temperature has been on the low side, around 97, for a very long time. The therapies suggested to raise body temperature usually involves a sauna. I saw a video for a DIY sauna for under $150. It involves heat lamps. I will look into this more, but for now I am using a diaphoretic herb, yarrow. This is a way to raise the body temperature from the inside. To truly get my body temp up, I would like to try a sauna and yarrow working together. I did do my exercises in the sun yesterday as well as drinking 3 cups of yarrow tea. This morning, my body temp was up. I don’t know if our thermometer is correct, but yesterday it said my temp was 96, and this morning it was 97.3. I will keep track of this and see if I can verify this thermometer. I question it because everyone in my house had a low body temp.

I’m not sure exactly what is working, the Gerson-ish diet, the apricot seeds, the body temp, but I am feeling better today. Thanks to everyone for their prayers.  God is guiding me, showing me what my body needs. Please pray for the doctor and nutritionist visits today. I am looking forward to learning more.

Do something for your health today. A few minutes deep breathing could help beat that stress. Your choices today will mold your future.

6/30/16 Update

Resting Heartrate

When I awoke this morning I did what I often do, I looked at my fitness tracker data. The downward trend of my resting heartrate continues. On June 14th my resting heartrate decreased to 78bpm then increased to 81 by the 16th. It reached a peak of 82 on the 21st, the day after my biopsy, but has steadily decreased since then. I thought the decrease would have started on the 24th, the day the pain started to decrease. Yesterday my resting heartrate fell to 77bpm, the lowest since I started tracking it again. Eventually I will determine how to view the data from last year before the band of my tracker broke. I have noticed the last few days my heartrate when I first awake is in the mid 60s.

Why is all of this important to me? Since my first blood work on 4/8/16 I have been hyperthyroid. Without bloodwork my way of tracking this is through heartrate. As I heal my resting heart rate should eventually be around 72.

How Can This Help You?

When I was running watching my resting heartrate would help me determine if I had over trained. If you don’t have a tracker and want to get an idea of how you are doing, get your heartrate when you first wake up. If you record this a few times a week you will have a baseline. This is similar to taking your temperature a few times when you feel well. The normal human body temperature is not necessarily your normal. For me a normal temp means an elevated temperature.

Pain and Juice

I continue to maintain that the Carrot-Celery-Beet-Ginger juice assists in my pain reducing. I could be scientific about it and take it away to determine if the pain comes back. But being a little more human than that, meaning I don’t want pain, I am doing the opposite. I am not going to drink the other juice, all my juice today will be for pain. My belief is that pain is your body telling you something is wrong. If you give your body what it needs the pain should go away. If this juice is achieving this end, then I will give it more.