Sonus Introduction

I’m doing motorcycle therapy, but what which motorcycle am I riding?

On October 22, 2016, I purchased a new 2015 Honda CBR300R. Her name is Sonus, Celtic for happiness, and she is a beauty. Not an excess of power, but she does the speed limit real well. I have been as far north as Wynoochee Lake in the Olympic National Forest, and as far south as Bridge, Oregon. There is a video on my YouTube channel, Adventures with Red Beard, which shows me riding from North Bend to Bridge, Oregon.

When I was fueling Sonus one day, the attendant saw my keychain and asked if my motorcycle was the key to happiness. I looked and him and aswered, “No, that is the key to happiness, my motorcycle is happiness.”

Sonus has brought me many hours of joy. On February 3rd she went in for her 4,000 mile maintenance.

I have plans to complete a 1,000 mile loop and join the Iron Butt Association. The 1,000 mile loop is called a SS1000 or Saddle Sore 1000. My longest day so far was 550 miles.

Here is a walk around. Sorry, the date and time in the video are wrong.

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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