Wow, a lot of time passes quickly. My daily routines consume a lot of time, and some days it is all I can do to just get by.

My last post was about upcoming decisions. I met with a cancer surgeon and in that meeting I asked how long until it was inoperable, he gave it 2-3 months. He also wanted to see another ultrasound in a month. It is scheduled for August 22nd. This put me in a tailspin. What should I do, how many new things should I introduce to my body. I was ready to add everything.

I decided to wait a little bit and at least go to work. Upon arriving at work and checking my email there was on entitled Discernment. The email was a devotional discussing how to discern God’s will in situations. Asking a question and looking for God’s peace within. I realized this is what I needed to do, but I was a long way from being able to hear His still small voice. I gave it the weekend and took time to calm down so that I could listen. The answer was to stay the course, not to add anything. I did eventually add niacin and frankincense oil. Nothing big.

What am I doing? Hoxsey Formula, apricot seeds, carrot/beet juice, CoQ10, vitamin C, vitamin B12, niacin, frankincense oil, sauna and one or two other things.

Along the way I started talking to a psychologist/pastor I have known for about 8 years. He is helping me attack cancer from the spiritual side. Many health issues have a spiritual root.

Currently I have about 1 bad day a week. I think it is due to me using energy to go to work to pay the bills. After 4-5 days of work, I am out of energy. This week I made it to Saturday before the bad day. I was able to recover by late afternoon. Everything seems to be getting better. The bad day could have been the stress of finding yet another issue with my health.

On top of hyperthyroidism, hypercalcemia, thyroid papillary carcinoma, I have high iron as well. Maybe this is the reason for being tired even though my thyroid is high. With my education I’m looking for a common cause or a link among them. The first three I can see how they relate, but not the iron. I just don’t see an answer yet.

It appears I am making progress, my throat hurts less that it did. I continue to study alternative methods and will work with my health team to make good decisions to be made well. I believe God has placed these people in my life and He will use whatever method He chooses to bring me healing. May Jehovah be praised.

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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