Thyroid Malfunction

What happened? I’ve not exercised in a while. When I went to the doctor on 4/8 for the medical exam required for our adoption the Dr. noticed my thyroid was enlarged. He said it was probably nothing but wanted a blood test and a ultrasound just in case. I did the blood work, and went about my life.
When I returned from the trade show in Spokane I began to feel very tired and then my throat started hurting. I spent most of the weekend napping but not sleeping very long at night. Energy and strength was almost zero. I had ordered Dr. Christopher’s Thyroid herbal formula prior to leaving so I was taking that as soon as I returned. I began taking more than double the tonic dose. Monday came around and I was feeling better so off to work I went. But around 2 I was ready for a nap. A quick search of herballegacy and I decided to purchase some Lemon Balm extract and some Myrrh essential oils. Sorry I don’t know any Doterra or Young Living people around my place of employment. After taking the lemon balm and placing the myrrh on my thyroid I began to feel better than I had in days.
This week is parent watch week at my girl’s dance studio. I was there from 6:30 to 9pm. Not exactly what a tired person wants to do, but this dad wants to, so I took some more lemon balm and placed more myrrh on my throat and off I went. At the end of the 2.5 hrs, I was extremely tired and my voice was failing again. When I returned to my truck I placed more myrrh on my throat. When I made it home I grabed 3 or 4 leaves of my lemon balm plant, I have lots of lemon balm growing on my property, and made some tea. I ate a banana and some peanut butter, advice from another website said something like this would help with sleep. My alarm woke me up at 4. First time in a while that I did not wake up an hour or so prior to the alarm. I evidently turned the alarm off and slept for another 1.5 hours. I am late for work, but so excited to be getting better I had to share. I am putting more myrrh on my throat drinking more fresh lemon balm tea, grabbing enough leaves for a few more cups today and heading out the door. Praise God for His medicinal plants! You cause the grass to grow for the cattle and herb for the service of man…Ps 104:14.
I learned the most about herbs from the School of Natural Healing see my too brief write up here.

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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