New Eating Habits

I have tried many different philosophies of eating. I really like the fruitarian diet. Gandhi was a fruitarian the last few years of his life. He also experimented with diet. What I learned the year or so I was a fruitarian is that people are not ready for  what is viewed as an extreme diet. There are lots of people who are fruitarian and there are forums where people can learn about it. Many people have overcome many problems, like eating disorders, and major illnesses, by changing to a high fruit diet. But I would guestimate that 90% of people will not try it, too extreme.

I want to help people be healthier, that’s why this website exists, so what can I share that will work? Well, I really believe teaching balance and portion control will do it. Everyone already believes a balanced diet and proper portions will work. What keeps people from doing this? I think it is too many fad diets, too many companies selling their food, etc. Beachbody has a program called 21 Day Fix. This program has some accessible exercising with a simple eating plan. You can eat the foods you already have and already know you should eat. The picture above illustrates how it works. If it fits in the containers, you eat it, if it doesn’t you save it for tomorrow.

Today is Day 5 of me being on the program. If you have been following me you know that I have been on a anti-candida diet. Today is my first day after the diet. I can eat “normally” again. I am rejoining the “normal” eating world with the 21 Day Fix eating program. Candida has influenced my eating for many years, now that it is gone, or at least under control, I can choose what and how much I eat. I choose this program to help me with this. It is day five and that means this is the fifth day of me following the exercising, but it is the first day of me following the diet. I am so excited to be able to eat rice and fruit again. For breakfast I had my Vegan Chocolate Shakeology. My mid morning snack will be rice and homemade kimchi. My diet is over, but for the next week or so I will be taking copious amounts of probiotics and eating as much fermented foods as I can. My gut is healed, and now I need to grow the beneficial bacteria needed for a healthy gut. I’ll write more about my experience later. Thanks for reading, here’s to your health!

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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