Crazy Yesterday

Well I said that yesterday was a crazy day, and I meant it. So the highlights were: Morning exercise, Beachbody Super Sunday with a workout with Tony Horton. Then Frisbee with the kids that then broke out into an Ultimate game. It was me and the neighbor girls against 3 boys, well one is in his 20’s. Then some reading with my 3 year old.

I started the day with a difficult upper body exercise. Eccentric Upper. This exercise includes things like doing a push up where you go down slowly and push up fast. Pull ups, up fast down slow. I’m still doing modified pull ups, but I’m showing up and getting better.

After this 30 minutes of tough upper body exercise, I drank my Shakeology. I added the peanut butter, vanilla, and cashew milk. I drank that then helped with breakfast for the kids, and shared in the steel cut oatmeal. We had to get out the door, but not for church this time. We were heading to a quarterly meeting with Beachbody called Super Saturday. Oh, wait it wasn’t Saturday, it was Sunday. For some reason I have yet to learn, Portland meets on Sunday. Saturday would work much better for us, but since this was the first one we would be able to attend, we decided to go for it. Especially since the CEO Carl Daikeler AND fitness celebrity Tony Horton was going to be there. So off we go to drop off our kids with some wonderful friends and former neighbors. They weren’t skipping church, they meet in the evening. So as long as we are back in time, they are happy to help out.

Down the road we went to the Portland Convention Center were over 1,000 other coaches were gathering. We found my wife’s coach and stayed with her the rest of the time there. There were some wonderful transformation stories and some good Beachbody information. For instance, 21 Day Fix is on sale until the end of the month. I have to learn to be a better coach, I did not realize it was on sale. The CEO, Carl Daikeler, spoke for a while. He has a great personality and speaks with ease. I’ve worked for other companies where I wanted the CEO to take some basic public speaking class. Carl is dynamic without trying. It is probably natural to him. He reminded everyone that this business is about helping people and if someone comes into this business with any other intents, they will not be compatible and the system will reject them. This sounds great because that is one of the reasons I joined Beachbody, to help other people. This highly approachable way into exercise can help everybody. Carl also talked a little about the 30 day money back guarantee. I had not really noticed this before. But there is this amazing guarantee that even if you used all of the Shakeology, if you are not satisfied after 30 days simply return it and your money is refunded. That is a great guarantee. No risk. If you don’t get the results, return it.

After Carl spoke, we all picked up our chairs and moved them to the side. We then exited into the hallway where it was picture time. We were given the opportunity to have our pictures taken with Carl and Tony. After the picture I shook their hands. These two men are doing a lot to help other people in so many ways. I am excited to be working with them.

On to the exercise! If you are taking notes, this is my second exercise of the day. From what I gathered it was a modification of a P90X routine. I noticed a few differences from the P90X3. He had a nice warm up and we were off. Now this is a room that was just seating a little over 1,000 people, now about that some number were exercising. Any big movements could result in causing harm to a neighbor. So we were on the ground doing pushups and kicks. We were even doing some MMA moves. Talk about needing to be careful. We also did a good bit of work in plank. My abs are hurting just thinking about that work.

After the exercise was a drawing for door prizes. They were mainly T-shirts of the Beachbody programs. My wife won a ladies P90X3 T-shirt. I told her she should do P90X3 in the not too distant future.

With all these people we ran late. We thought about leaving before the drawings, but thought it wouldn’t take too long. We didn’t realize that they were going to do that many drawings and that a lot of numbers were called out for people who had left. So this took some time too. We probably should have left and gave our numbers to my wife’s coach.

We were now running late to pick up our kids from some wonderful friends who may be more than ready for us to have returned. We were also hungry because it was around 3:00 and breakfast was long gone. Note to self, bring more than a Lara Bar next time. We picked up our children, apologized to our friends, and took our kids home. Now lunch for us.

Our kids went down to play with the neighbors. We are all great friends. My wife and I went down there too to visit and help keep an eye on everyone. I brought my Frisbee to help entertain some kids, and to make sure I got my steps in. While we were throwing the Frisbee around a game of Ultimate broke out. I did not start it, a few of the kids did. We ended up with a good group, age range 6 up to me. This was now my third exercise. I thought I held on well, especially for my third exercise of the day.

Afterwards, I went up to the house to eat again and start taking kids home. My youngest came home with me and I asked him if we wanted to read a book. We read Goodnight Moon then a Thomas the Train book. He got board of the Thomas book and had me rea Goodnight Moon a few more times. It was a good close to a busy day.

Today I feel like I may be a little deficient on my calorie consumption. I’m still studying the 21 Day Fix containers. They are set up for omnivores and I am not. I want to understand them so I can do better with my eating, but also to help my wife and others. Portion control is a difficult thing, and a very important thing.

I will keep learning all I can and I am willing to help anyone who would like my help. Just contact me here, at Beachbody, or on Facebook. It doesn’t have to be a Beachbody program. I am using them because I believe in them and love the results I have seen in others and am seeing in myself.

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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