Why I Became a Beachbody Coach.

I have studied nutrition and running for about 12 years. I have been out of running for about a year. Running takes a good bit of time out of my day, at least an hour. I cannot run at my house because we live in a mountain range. It is something to build up to, not start at. I came to Beachbody reluctantly. My wife started doing PiYo. It sounded crazy and looked like too much movement for me. I am certainly use to basic movements. I learned to lift weights in high school, and I learned to run on the treadmill. Basic movements repeated a lot. Maybe I don’t need to say here that I’m not a very talented dancer. So my wife was doing PiYo and enjoying it. She started losing a little weight and was getting excited about what she was doing. Good for her, I thought. Well, there was a lady at work who had been doing some crazy exercise videos too. She went on and on about how great they were. She lost 27 pounds. Well I found out that what my coworker was doing and what my wife was doing were related. Maybe there is something to this. Then I learned that my wife was buying Shakeology. Oh great, a “lose weight quick” gimmick. Guess what, my coworker was taking Shakeology as well. My wife showed me one of the Sakeology commercials on YouTube and I though it funny and well done, but really? So one day I looked at the ingredients. Now remember, I have a number of years running and eating to run better. I have two marathons under my belt, and thousands of miles. I have been a raw vegan 95% for a year and about 70% now. I am also a certified Family Herbalist. I at least like to think I know a little about nutrition. I was blown away by the ingredients. Some of them so exotic I had to Google them. It really is packed with superfoods. So maybe there is something to this Beachbody thing.

I then took some time to look at lots of videos of the exercises and the results. I found myself thinking the same thing I thought when first introduced to raw vegan, “If half of what they are claiming is true, I want it.” So I signed up for P90X3. I was excited about getting serious results with only 30 minutes a day. After a week or so of this, I decided I wanted to be a coach. A day or so before my wife convinced me to be a coach, I reached out to my Facebook friends and family to help me stay accountable to keep up with the exercises. Being a coach gives me a discount on the Shakeology, which I really believe is helping, and also helps with accountability. If I am a coach, my physique should reflect that. So now I have Facebook and Coaching to keep me accountable.

Being a coach also puts me in a great place to help others. I come from a state that is typically number one for obesity. Those aren’t statistics, those are my family and childhood friends. I have been looking for an avenue to help the South to get out of their poor health. I found help in the Pacific Northwest, and I want to share my knowledge. Beachbody’s main goal is to eliminate obesity. That is a goal I can join with happily. I will work to get in amazing shape while I am showing others that it can be done.

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Joshua Smith

I am the father of six beloved children and a husband to a lovely woman. I am also a follower of Christ, an electrical engineer in the power industry, a cancer fighter and a motorcycle rider

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